Mar 1, 2011

The Intro

  As you read in my about me section i am one of the many parents who has a child with food allergies. I first found out my daughter had them when she was about 7 months old. We where out in the front of my mothers house and my mom gave Emily a lick of her ice cream bar she was enjoying. Not a minute late Emily was breaking out in hives around her face and neck crying and trying to scratch. I went into a panic trying to calm her yelling at my mom to go out and get something for allergies ASAP! I got a cold rag gently wiping her face to calm her. My mom was calm she is calm about everything. She got some Benadryl and ave her some. She was fine a few minutes later. But i wasn't i was scared it would happen again and the reaction may be worst than the last. After a Doctor visit and some intense research I fed my brain everything i needed to know what Emily could and could not have. My princess is almost 3 now and its wonderful modding recipes to fit around her allergies. 

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Mayra said...

very nice...she is a very bright and happy little girl...god bless her.