Mar 10, 2011

The bullying allergy

This is a great report on WPIX about kids being bullied because they have food allergies. Dr. Steve talks to Dr. Larry Blater. I can see how this is bullies would fin it easy to target kids with food allergies. It may make kids afraid to eat around others or single themselves out. As parents you just have to let your children feel as great as they can be. I agree with Dr. Blater with letting your child assume responsibility. Even though my princess is only 2 1/2 when we go out to eat i ask her what she wants (all she will say is FENCH FIES). but i give her a few choices list maybe 3 she can have and let her choose or order all three and let her have at whichever she likes most. I see in her face she is proud and excited to be able to choose.

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