Mar 11, 2011

Food Allergy Q&A

Someone ask Dr. Steve on WPIX Can a vegetarian diet while pregnant increase the risk of your child having food allergies?if you have any questions or answers to other parents questions please post.


araper said...

I can see maybe where they are coming from with this, but I don't agree completely. I wasn't a vegetarian while pregnant, but I did everything they said to do or not to do. I even breastfed for an entire year (and they claim breastfed babies are less likely to get food allergies). I ate peanut butter, sure, but I know plenty of other women who also ate peanut butter and their child isn't allergic to peanuts. I do believe that the rise in food allergies has to be environmental, such as our new-found obsession with all things anti-bacterial, growth hormones, pesticides, etc. Our children's bodies are fight off things that aren't supposed to be harmful. Even vegetarians are getting their dose of harmful chemicals.

Mr. Brown said...

I agree i dont think that the diet has an effect on food allergies. Emily was breast fed and her mother ate all the things that emily is allergic to now. Thanks so much for your feedback.