Mar 9, 2011

Food Proofing

I have done Child Proofing before making sure window guards where in place sockets covered the wires where all managed and not everywhere sharp corners covered even installing a oven lock. Everything to a T in my home to make sure my princess was safe. But what about Food proofing your home of products containing the allergen your little one is allergic to? It may seem easy but there are factors you have to think about. Like how severe is the allergy? How many children are in your home and what are there ages? How will eliminating the food effect the other members of your house hold? They may be hard to eliminate all together but maybe placing foods with the allergens on a different shelf than foods without not to get them confused. I have taught my little one to always ask before eating something with a simple "can i eat this?" Learning how to read and decipher labels. All family members should wash there hands before and after eating just to make sure none of the allergens may come in contact with the person who has the allergy and the same goes for counters shelves and dishes. So these are things to think and to figure out what works best for you your little one and the entire family.

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