May 20, 2011

Emily's Allergies Thusday Dinner.

So first off I have to apologize for no post last week on Emily's Allergies. Had some technical difficulties with an SD card and the pics where lost :-( So I'll still fill you in on how we went to see the Gazillion Bubble Show (Princess loved it). It's fun for the whole family. Make sure you pick up some of there bubbles after the show also or your little ones will keep you up all night crying for them. So this week for our Thursday dinner I took Emily to Curly's Vegetarian Lunch. This place is amazing! you can draw on napkins as you wait for your order thanks to the complementary cup of crayons and if your art is good enough it gets posted on the walls for all to see. Emily loved that part you can see how concentrated she was. I asked her what she wanted to eat she couldn't decide. So Dada picked out Soy chicken tenders and curly fries. I ordered the Pop 400 million wrap. This thing is awesome filled with beans, organic brown rice, pico de gallo, cheese and sour cream wrapped in a wheat tortilla. Emily loved her tenders and fries the barbecue sauce that came with it was a little pica (Spicy) for princess so she stuck to "Katsup". Curly's also gets their desserts from Vegan Treats. So we got a slice of Strawberry Shortcake. OK sorry I didn't get a good pic of the cake but rite when it hit the table Emily yells "Tank yew" to the waitress and digs in. I could not stop her. It was a massacre on a mass scale. Poor cake :( It sure was good though.          

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