Apr 27, 2011

Late Easter Post Sorry :-/

I have to apologize for my late post. It has been a busy week. Had a great early Easter last Thursday with my Princess. (the reasons ill explain in another blog) Everyone here at the loft threatened me to bring Emily to the office. Its a very kid and pet friendly office. So hiding Emily's Easter basket that my older sister made for her under a desk. We put Emily on the hunt for it. She looked under pillows on the couches and in file cabinets for about 2 minutes before giving up. She is a want it now kind of girl so i pointed her in the rite direction. I have never seen jelly beans get inhaled so fast. My sister did a great job going around Emily's Food Allergies filling the basket with toys, jelly beans, twizzlers and peeps (yes there safe). So after playing with hopping bunnies and giant bubbles in the office i ask princess what she wants to eat. I get a whisper in my ear "Flafle". (Falafle). So we went and got Flafle with hummus for princess. I had a great surprise for her after our Falafle to go to Baby Cakes. You could see the glow on her face arriving at the bakery. She had agave filled Brownies and a Red Velvet cupcake. She has her little tradition of dipping the brownies in the icing of the cupcake :) The Baby Cakes girls where so sweet to Emily giving her a complementary glass of Soy Milk. WE LOVE YOU BABY CAKES!  Sorry I don't have the chocolaty face pic of her :( After are sweet fix at Baby Cakes we went to the park to work it off. Walking in Soho we came across a garden that we strolled through they had a P├ętanque court and GIANT Chickens. She had a Ball. A time spent Happy is time well spent. And I'm always happy when I'm with my princess.

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